Bridesmaid Customized Sleep Eye Masks

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The surface fabric is a simulated silk elastic satin.
Suitable Head Circumference: Adjustable(Elastic band)
The surface fabric is a simulated silk elastic satin; the interior is silk cotton. It can effectively balance the pressure of the eye mask to the face of the wearer, without the feeling of oppression, and make the wearer feel comfortable.
The unique new design derives from the body's mechanical principle for the body to make a special stereoscopic cutting for the human face, so that the eye mask keeps air on the basis of shading and creates comfortable sleep conditions for the wearer.
Create a good sleep environment, can cover the light to the eye irradiation, eliminate interference, let you have comfortable and comfortable sleep. At the same time, it can promote blood circulation in the eyes, slow congestion of the eyeball, prevent dark circles and bags under the eyes.
Elastic band design, you can adjust the size, suitable for any size head circumference.
Cleaning method: Hand wash temperature below 40°C/ Do not machine wash
Includes: Eye Mask =+ storage bag
Size: 20.5* 9.5 cm
Processing time- 1-3 Business Days
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