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Laced Romantic Long Sleeves Wedding Dress

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This gown radiates softness with its long laced sleeves and organdy skirt.
To add a touch of allure, the bodice has a edged neckline and  laced bodice with a thin sash that ends in a small bow.
This gown is both graceful and elegant with its romantic silhouette and elaborate lace details.
Therefore you will need to allow 46 to 8 weeks to ensure your dress is ready.
If the idea of slipping into a traditional gown isn't for you, a bohemian wedding dress is the perfect choice and will suit any free-spirit who simply loves simplicity and relaxed boho aesthetic. 
Our Bohemian Wedding Dresses Collection come in a wide range of styles, from casual and laid back to more sophisticated and even glamorous.
The common thread is that all these dress styles feature a free flowing, romantic look.
Note, that all dresses are totally handmade, so we will sewing all by your own measurements!
Processing time: 6-8 weeks
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